Feeling at home@Tegernsee


“Heimat” is one of those German terms with a myriad of connotations.


Heimat is…

  • where you feel rooted, and comfortable
  • where your family and friends are
  • where you love to live your life
  • where you are part of the community
  • where you can be inspired and creative
  • where body and soul feel as one


"Heimat is, where you don’t have to explain yourself" by Johann Gottfried Herder

“Heim@t” was chosen as the worthy name for this unique property to reflect the unique combination of tradition and future. Come home!


The Tegernsee region offers you everything you need to lead the life you`ve always dreamed of – fulfilling, rich in variety, secure, close to the people who are most dear to you. And surrounded by one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in Europe.