Heim@t has become one of the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient real estate project on lake Tegernsee:

  • Sustainable and ecological building materials do not only save valuable resources on our planet, but also contribute to an extraordinarily cosy atmosphere, maximal energy - efficiency, and an environment that brings out the best in you.
  • Important characteristics of the conception were sustainability through maximum energy efficiency, emission reduction, self-sufficiency and autarky. For this purpose, separate technical planners for energy and environment examined all usable concepts with regard to feasibility and efficiency. A rather complex combination of the most modern ecological energy sources was realised. The selected energy concept consists of eight sub-areas which are shown below.
  1. Use of solar energy with solar thermal energy and photovoltaics:
  2. Use of geothermal heat by heat pump via groundwater well:
  3. Cogeneration unit (12 kW thermal, 5 kW electric)
  4. Gross calorific value - gas boiler for peak load
  5. Central power storage batteries
  6. Autonomous electricity model
  7. Surface heating systems
  8. Emergency generator approx. 65 kVA
  • Feeling at home indoors and outdoors – happiness and fullfilment must comprise both aspects. Therefore, we asked the renowned landscape architect Prof. Rainer Schmidt to design the surroundings of the Heim@t estate – because Heim@t does not end at your doorstep.