Tegernsee – one of Bavaria’s most precious treasures

In early times, people shunned the harsh and dangerous glacier region south of the Tegernsee with its steep mountain slopes and dense forests. Only few bold tradesmen were courageous enough to pass the area on their way between the great cities in the north and the south   of the alps.


People did not settle in the Tegernsee region until the foundation of a Benedictine monastery in the 8th century. For more than 1,000 years there were only the monks and a few farmer families – and they left large parts of the environment untouched.



At the beginning of the 19th century things began to change: Bavarian King Max I Joseph and his wife fell in love with the estate of the former monastery and transformed it into their summer residence.  At that time, the Bavarian economy largely depended on forestry and salt mining – which now also began to affect the Tegernsee region.



Today, the Tegernsee area is one of the most picturesque and economically stable regions in Germany – particularly known for its favourable communal and economic infrastructure as well as its manifold tourist attractions and varied skiing areas. Since 1956, the Tegernsee has also been part of a 9,274-ha nature preserve.   



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The Tegernsee is located in the Bavarian Alps in South Germany, one of Europe’s most prosperous and safest regions. Munich, the Bavarian capital, is only 50 km away and can be easily reached by car or train (BOB – Bayerische Oberlandbahn).
All the good things in life are in close reach:

  • Several skiing areas (app. 5 min by car)
  • High level medical and curative clinic infrastructure
  • Great variety of high-quality shopping facilities (within walking distance)
  • 3 five-star luxury hotels (within walking distance)
  • Excellent restaurants, including one award-winning three-star Michelin venue (within walking distance)
  • Bavaria’s most beautiful hotel spa (in close proximity)
  • Several outdor sport possibilities golf, sailing, hiking, biking
  • Kindergartens, schools and grammar schools in Tegernsee