Feeling at home @ Tegernsee


Heim@t is one of those German terms with a myriad of connotations. Heim@t is …

  • where you feel rooted, comfortable and at home
  • where your family and friends are
  •  where you love to live your life
  •  where you are part of the community
  •  where you can be inspired and creative
  •  where body and soul feel as one

Heim@t is, where you wake up in the morning and think: “This is where I belong!”

Come home!


The Tegernsee region offers you everything you need to lead the life you`ve always dreamed of – fulfilling, rich in variety, secure, close to warm-hearted, friendly, and inspiring people. And surrounded by one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in Europe.


Enjoy every comfort you need – and feel close to nature


Find your ultimate home – in a house designed by award-winning architect Matteo Thun from Milan.

“Heim@t follows a holistic architectural approach – combining highly individual living concepts for very sophisticated clients with a consistent use of state-of-the-art sustainable technologies”, says Matteo Thun.



Perfect harmony – well-being in a beautiful and healthy environment


Matteo Thun and his team have designed Heim@t from the scratch – always trying to find the best way to create the perfect symbiosis of luxury living and sustainability.


Therefore, Heim@t has become the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient real estate project you can imagine:

  • Sustainable and ecological building materials do not only save valuable resources on our planet, but also contribute to an extraordinarily cosy atmosphere, maximal energy-efficiency, and an environment that brings out the best in you
  • Solar power, geothermal heat as well as a dedicated water treatment plant at Heim@t prove that you do not need to make compromises to enjoy a happy and sustainable life
  • Feeling at home indoors and outdoors – happiness and fulfilment must comprise both aspects. Therefore, we asked the renowned landscape architect Prof. Rainer Schmidt to design the surroundings of the Heim@t estate – because Heim@t does not end at your doorstep …